Screen Printing

Screen printing, a printing technique originating in China in the 12th century, was popularized and pertected in the early 1960‘s by wellrknown artist Andy Warhol He used this technique to create his famous print oi Marilyn Monroe, now an iconic image Screenrpnnting is used by artists and commercial enterprises alilte because oi its versatility and simplicity.

The process ot screen printing begins by laying lnkrblocklng stencils over a tine woven mesh ink is then pushed through the open mesh, leaving a printed design This technique is widely used tor printing on clothing but can also be used for printing on virtually any material or item.

At AMP Styles, we’ve been using screen printing to print apparel designs and more since 1994. All of our designing and screen-printing is done in-house, and our experience gives our customers the highest-quality product available.

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